Hiring an IT Company

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Choosing an IT Firm

Over the last 6 months or so, we have experienced exponential growth here at BlueAgave. So much so that we have fallen into the cliche about the cobbler needing new shoes.  As you can tell from the painfully slow updates and just plain lack of updates from us at all.

We’re working on that 🙂

One of the biggest challenges we were facing was managing our internal systems and our internal workflow.  Thankfully by bringing on some additional staff to handle the workflow issues, we have that sorted.  God bless you project manager(s) and all that you do.   This is one of the reasons we give our staff free coffee….they are worth every dollar we spend to keep the cups full and overflowing.

The second business challenge that was killing us was maintaining and supporting our computers and our systems.  In short if the computers don’t work, we don’t work and this tends to make the clients very testy.  So, we decided it was time to bite the bullet and outsource our IT.

IT Services Frustration
Why you shouldn’t outsource

As a little side note of importance, when we first got started working in SEO and digital marketing we outsourced a fair amount of work to other companies.  This was extremely hit and miss in our experience.  Unfortunately, most of the work we outsourced from overseas vendors didn’t work out and didn’t work out big time. We ended up having to redo the work  and in some cases scrap it all together. After a few months of banging our heads against the wall dealing with sub-par work from India, we decided enough was enough. Its more work, but we keep everything in house.  More control, better quality and no re-work.

Now, as you can tell we were pretty leery about outsourcing our IT needs, but it was just something we had to do.   Our first thought was to try and find someone here local in Atlanta to take this on for us.

We do have a bit of a unique situation when looking for an IT firm in that we have quite a few clients in the banking and financial services sector.  The run of the mill/average IT firm is not going to be robust or secure enough to handle that section of our client base.  While searching here in Atlanta, we literally found ZERO companies that could handle banking IT and banking compliance for us.

The beauty about good IT support is that 99.999% (see what I did there) of it can be handled remotely. Its a very rare situation where you physically need someone on site.  So with that being said, we expanded our search to a nationwide search.

And the winner is…..

After many grueling hours of searching, researching, calling and vetting out the short list of IT firms we found, we landed on  Technology based out of Kansas City.  We needed someone who was CISA certified.  Their CIO is exactly what we were looking for.  We called and finalized things with them and we are now happy to report that they are now our IT Firm of record.  They are based out of KC, but if you need computer support  in the US, we can’t say enough good things about this company.  They are responsive, available 24-7  and have made our lives SO much easier.

UPDATE:  We have recently paired up with a dental marketing company based out of Lenexa.  Come to find out they are also customers of RESULTS technology. Who knew?  Small world out there.

Ok, now back it for us !

Call us with any questions you may have.