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This was exactly the case with the people at Catastic Products.

its a kitty


Catastic Products.  A cat odor eliminator solution.

Catatsic Products was an emerging brand that was doing most things correctly, yet they were struggling to achieve market visibility for the search term Cat Odor Eliminator. They had a Shopify site and another e-commerce platform that frankly was losing them money.  Sales were spotty, unpredictable and their web design firm was not doing the best job of monitoring the metrics.  It was very much a hope and pray approach to marketing and sales.  Their website was not mobile. You can almost pinpoint the day they were crawled and were hit by Googles Mobile Friendly Algorithm update.

yo traffic sucks son

We decided the best course of action would be to start from scratch and do it the right way from the get go. The foundational components of SEO are the most important.
Here is what we did:

1) We selected a template that was mobile friendly and responsive
2) We set up the foundation of the website with a logical site structure.
3) We decided to consolidate all of their existing websites and web properties to a single, flagship website.
4) Good old fashioned on page SEO.  We handed the site over to the guys at the Kansas City SEO Group to handle the on-page SEO for us. We think they are the best in business.
5) Set up and optimized all of their existing social media sites.
6)  After discussing future business intentions with Catastic, we recommended that they use the FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon approach. We feel like it’s the best bang for the buck for smaller, burgeoning companies.  It also reduces a lot of the day in day things like order fulfillment, distribution and returns.  By using Amazon it allows them to focus on growing their business while not getting mired down with the day to day of shipping etc
7) Facebook Ads.  We implemented a highly targeted Facebook ad campaign. We used several rounds of A/B testing on 5 groups of ads.  Over the course of a few weeks, we were able to hone their audience  down and get really great engagement numbers.

Over the past 6 months (that’s why we haven’t been posting much 🙂   )  we have been coaching them on continuing to work on their social media presence to help their site climb in the rankings.  Catastic is a smaller guy going up against some big name, big brand companies.  It’s taking awhile, but we have moved them from page 11 to page 3.  With some continued work on their part, we believe they will be on the 1st page of Google.  We consistently adjusting our online marketing strategy for them.Now we are providing measurable and profitable leads for them. We’d love to help you and your company out as well. Reach out and say hi.

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