Why You Need Local SEO For Your Business

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is something not to be taken lightly. Especially given Google’s regular algorithm changes over the past few years. No longer can a site get indexed on a good domain name alone. Now you have to make sure whatever you’re selling is upfront and obvious so the search engine robots can find it fast and give you the traffic you need to succeed.

If you’re selling tangible products that need to be shipped manually, local SEO is extremely important. You may already have a steady base of non-local customers but it’s the local folks who will probably buy more from you. This would be for the obvious reason that they don’t have to pay much for shipping. You may even be able to ship their products for free, given the distance isn’t too far away. Free shipping is always a great selling point, as shipping costs can be very expensive when crossing borders these days.

Local SEO

More work?

Now, as you’re reading this article you might be thinking, “I have to do even MORE SEO work now?” And I don’t blame you. SEO can be daunting and entail research and hard work. However, standard SEO doesn’t work the same as local SEO does. For instance, utilizing the proper avenues of local SEO will get your site ranked more organically, as well as get you into the map pack. Clients love this and so should you. Showing your customers where you are located on a local map makes closing sales much, much easier for your success.

Shopping is a fast process for most people in this day and age, now that there are so many businesses offering everything possible. By optimizing your site and business locally you seal a sale much faster because the customer doesn’t have to wait to have the item shipped, you are close by and they can purchase whatever they’re looking for quickly and easily. After all, everyone prefers to have things go easy in life, don’t they?