The Future of Google Maps?

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Google Map Pack – The Evolution 

Phase 1: The 7 to 10 pack
A long time ago, Google had up to 10 spots in the map pack.  And in some cases they had additional listings on the side of the SERPS.
Google Map Pack

Phase 2: The 3 pack
Fast Forward a bit and the map pack went to 3 organic listings.
Honestly we wish Google would have stopped it here, but we don’t own Google and they rarely listen to us.  🙂 The geo location was more of an approximation and was easier to rank in a proximity just by being the biggest dude on the block.  In some cases you didn’t even need a physical location to rank well in the 3 pack.  This was pre-Possum algorithm update and there weren’t a lot of places being filtered based on the zoom level etc.

This was essentially the glory days of the map pack for SEOs.
-Get more review than your competitors
-Optimize your Google My Business Account
-Claim review sites like Yelp, etc and you were good to go
New Google 3 Pack

Phase 3 -Invasion of the Ads.

We all knew this was inevitable.  Google makes money off of ads and if you make the ads the first thing people see, then they tend to click on them.


map pack with ads
And the geolocation has gotten MUCH MUCH better than it used to be. Based on our testing, the geolocation is the separating factor now when it comes to ranking in the map.  No matter how much you try and game the system, the physical location based off of your Google My Business listing is going to be the key.

This is where the elite SEO people hang out.  If you have a business in the 3 pack in this day and age it is not there by accident.  Someone has worked really hard with all the aforementioned tactics, plus they may have gone so far as to optimize their own Google Map settings.  Honestly, its really hard to tell what is going on with a listing just from a cursory glance.

Let’s take a look shall we?
Some of our friends who run an SEO firm have been working with a local dentist for the past 9 months or so.   We are relaying this second hand, so bare with us if the details are a bit fuzzy.

The owner of Perfect Smiles Dental Care in Lenexa went through the classic technology crash and burn.  A few years back, he had a site built by one of the larger medical marketing firms.  It ranked well and his site had great visibility. He dominated not only his suburb, but most of the surrounding suburbs.

The crash
This site started to suffer when Google rolled out the 1st phase of Mobilegedon.  This was an update to the algorithm that penalized sites that were not mobile friendly.  By the way, you can check to see if your site is mobile by visiting this site.

The burn
According to the story, a top level dental marketing guru was brought into “fix” things.  Well, he sure fixed things. He had the robots.txt file set to block all the Googlebots and know the rest.

The revival
The dentist hired our boys to dig him out of the hole he was in.  It took them almost 6 months to do it, but look at the maps results they have gotten for him.

Study their maps below and see if you can learn some tricks to use for your clients.  (We’re not going to give you all the answers here 🙂 )

Enjoy !



Hiring an IT Company

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Choosing an IT Firm

Over the last 6 months or so, we have experienced exponential growth here at BlueAgave. So much so that we have fallen into the cliche about the cobbler needing new shoes.  As you can tell from the painfully slow updates and just plain lack of updates from us at all.

We’re working on that 🙂

One of the biggest challenges we were facing was managing our internal systems and our internal workflow.  Thankfully by bringing on some additional staff to handle the workflow issues, we have that sorted.  God bless you project manager(s) and all that you do.   This is one of the reasons we give our staff free coffee….they are worth every dollar we spend to keep the cups full and overflowing.

The second business challenge that was killing us was maintaining and supporting our computers and our systems.  In short if the computers don’t work, we don’t work and this tends to make the clients very testy.  So, we decided it was time to bite the bullet and outsource our IT.

IT Services Frustration
Why you shouldn’t outsource

As a little side note of importance, when we first got started working in SEO and digital marketing we outsourced a fair amount of work to other companies.  This was extremely hit and miss in our experience.  Unfortunately, most of the work we outsourced from overseas vendors didn’t work out and didn’t work out big time. We ended up having to redo the work  and in some cases scrap it all together. After a few months of banging our heads against the wall dealing with sub-par work from India, we decided enough was enough. Its more work, but we keep everything in house.  More control, better quality and no re-work.

Now, as you can tell we were pretty leery about outsourcing our IT needs, but it was just something we had to do.   Our first thought was to try and find someone here local in Atlanta to take this on for us.

We do have a bit of a unique situation when looking for an IT firm in that we have quite a few clients in the banking and financial services sector.  The run of the mill/average IT firm is not going to be robust or secure enough to handle that section of our client base.  While searching here in Atlanta, we literally found ZERO companies that could handle banking IT and banking compliance for us.

The beauty about good IT support is that 99.999% (see what I did there) of it can be handled remotely. Its a very rare situation where you physically need someone on site.  So with that being said, we expanded our search to a nationwide search.

And the winner is…..

After many grueling hours of searching, researching, calling and vetting out the short list of IT firms we found, we landed on  Technology based out of Kansas City.  We needed someone who was CISA certified.  Their CIO is exactly what we were looking for.  We called and finalized things with them and we are now happy to report that they are now our IT Firm of record.  They are based out of KC, but if you need computer support  in the US, we can’t say enough good things about this company.  They are responsive, available 24-7  and have made our lives SO much easier.

UPDATE:  We have recently paired up with a dental marketing company based out of Lenexa.  Come to find out they are also customers of RESULTS technology. Who knew?  Small world out there.

Ok, now back it for us !

Call us with any questions you may have.

Secure Sockets Layer vs. Non Secure Sockets Layer

https vs http

Part 1

https vs http In 2016, Google announced that it was going to move towards favoring sites that offered additional protection for web users, by favoring sites that used the secure hyper-text transfer protocol, also knowns as https. You’ve probably seen the majority of websites you use begin with http. This is the more widely used, and is typically used when you don’t need high security. Up until now, you’ve likely seen https when performing online activities like shopping on a website, or doing online banking. However, Google is now asking webmasters to secure all website traffic, as a first step in making online activity safe for all, and to keep the bad guys out.

If you are in the search engine business, or work with clients whom you do SEO work for, here are some of the main points that Google put out to webmasters the world over. We tend to talk a lot about Google in our business, and the reason for that is about 80% of the Internet search engine traffic goes through that main provider. The good news is that when we offer up information and/or best practices, these also apply to other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. With that said, here are some of the main talking points that Google has brought up in regards to moving websites over to the https protocol, and how they may favor https going forward.

For webmasters, you’re probably familiar with using the search console. For this operation, there’s really no migration path, just need to put https instead of http when using this tool.

Do you perform split testing, also known as a/b testing? Currently, if you are using http, but want to perform a/b testing with using http vs. https, then you might consider using 302 redirects that are not cached and do a canonical back to the http version of the page you’re testing against. Another thing you need to be aware of is that you should not be blocking https traffic in the robots file hosted on your website. The canonical doesn’t guarantee that a uniform resource locator (URL) using http will be indexed, but it does send a strong signal that it should considered for indexing, so your chances are good that it will happen. When performing the migration from http to https, and it’s time to do the actual migration, there are some guidelines you should follow. When migrating, add 301 redirects from the http version to the https version, make sure that the canonical tag is on every page and pointing to the updated, new version.  Another item that deserves your attention here is complete an updated site map for both the http and https sites – this will assist Google in picking up all the changes that have been made. It has been mentioned a number of times that in the future, maybe 2017, that only the sitemap for https will be required. But for now, you’ll want to submit both http and https URLs.

When updating the website to make use of https, the website will need to use the https version of robots.txt file. However this is configured, you’ll want to ensure that it can be reached. And while you’re making these changes to the website, make sure that you don’t accidentally configure the site so that the http (regular) files and versions are blocked by the https (secure) robots.txt file. It’s very rare, but sometimes the reverse can happen. When in doubt, make a backup copy of the website you’re ready to make changes to, and test without the site going live. The last thing you want to have happen is a site getting lost or becoming unreachable because of something so simple being misconfigured.

On the topic of https vs. https,
SSL Secure Socket Layer

there’s a common misconception floating around that a website has to be all of one or the other. Not true, it quite possible to have a mixture of both non-secure and secure protocols within a website. For example, you may find that you (or your client who you do web services for) may want to have only administration pages set to use https, or maybe only have https set on an ecommerce website at the point of checkout. If you do decide to move to using just the secure hyper-text transfer protocol (https) for the whole website, we recommend that you perform the migration in sections, and don’t try to do it all at once. When doing something like this, take it on a project, don’t rush, check your work, and make sure that you have, at all time, a back out plan. Prior to making any major changes to a site like this, the best practice is to make at least two copies of everything, and have those copies be at different sites, or on different backup platforms. So you might do something like backup everything to a tape library, and then use an online service for making the second copy. It’s very unlikely that both will fail, and especially unlikely that both would fail at the same time. This step is very important, but believe it or not, it’s something that not too many webmasters or SEO companies think about or take action towards. So feel free to take a lesson from others, and save yourself a lot of time and trouble in this arena.

When you make changes to a site, and if you move parts of the site, or the whole site from http to https, don’t be concerned if you see a drop in rankings. Because moving to a new protocol is viewed as a major change (albeit a good one) this might cause the site to take a dip in rankings for a short time frame. However, these changes tend to not be long lasting, the ranking of the site might move up and down a few times before settling into its new rank. Google have stated that while they are not able to make any sort of guarantees, as they are recommending the move from https from http, they won’t penalize a site for taking this recommended change.

Of course, with the move to https, you’ll need to make sure the site is using a proper secure sockets layer certificate. This is an area that can become very technical, very complex, very quickly. You may have heard differing opinions about what the best way to go about implanting an SSL certificate is, and who you might need to purchase it from. Generally speaking, if one obtains a certificate from any of the major vendors, it will be acceptable for use on the site. Google, Yahoo and Bing should not particularly favor one vendor against another. However, you should stay away from what are known as wild-card certificates. Sometimes this type of cert will cost less money, but is not made to be specific to a certain website, but could cover a number of domains, hosts, or computers. The reason that you want to stay away from using a wildcard cert is that browsers are aware of these, and may often pop up a message to the user that the site is not secure when in reality it is, or there might be a message about the name of the SSL certificate not matching the name of the website. Both of these message might cause the end user of the site to navigate away, and cause confusion on their end.

In part 2 of this article, we’ll continue the discussion

about this change, more information on certificates, keyword searches, indexing, migration, and crawl rates.

The State of SEO – Local Focus

local seo tips

8 +1  Local Marketing Tips That WILL Help You in 2016:


Keyword research is paramount to your success. Without quality keyword research, the rest of your efforts are like throwing rocks at a moving train. Sure, it might eventually work, but its going to take A LONG TIME. Do the work up front and the back side of it is much easier…trust us on this one  🙂
The end result or the accomplished outcomes need to be utilized in material, Meta summary, titles, headers and also footers need to be consistent and also according to the Google’s accepted standards. Make them the important and also important component of your social networks approach as well as blog writing to involve increasingly more clients.

With no uncertainty, key words method is the controlling aspect on the planet of Search Engine Optimization. It is vital to establish as well as keep the key words technique to deal with a neighborhood market as well as the customers by the environments. Make an audio keyword research study by utilizing the Google Key phrase Coordinator and also filtering system the outcomes on the basis of geographic areas and also determine its competitiveness and also effectiveness.

Things to Review:

How you can discover the lengthy tail keyword phrases for a project ?

Ways to discover affordable key phrases for your site?

Are there outbound link opportunities?

Are there guest blogging opportunities ?

2. Stay abreast of Google Trends and changes:

As the component of regional Search Engine Optimization, it is obvious to obtain noted on Google. The leading internet search engine has the unbelievable power and also the capability to grow your company by better search results. The clients really search for the firms with the very best services and product choices at the neighboring surrounding. Once they uncover your company, they will certainly call you or stroll thru the actions explained and also presented on Google. Right here it is necessary that you choose an appropriate arrangement to ensure that the site visitors and also possible customers might effortlessly get in touch with you.

seo title tags3. Select the appropriate title tags:

As the component of your method to obtain greater search position results, you should achieve this job with well crafted title tags. Submitting the titles on the internet site, it is rather easy to guarantee that you have actually improved the local Search Engine Optimization for your site. Take it seriously as it is the specific web pages and also not the websites, which Google offers the rankings. Currently, you should center every web page on your website making it much easier to acquire the natural search results page. Normally, the style of a key keyword-secondary key words is called one of the most efficient one.

4. Check and then double check your company listings in the major directory sites:

Do some study online as well as you will definitely locate different websites giving the concept or alternatives of the directory sites to detail on your web site. It is currently simpler to figure out the practical as well as exceptional top quality online directory site to be used for the improvement of your company. With an appropriate directory site, you could guarantee a far better search position. There are different paid directory sites additionally such as Yahoo. Though you need to pay money, however it likewise provides you the good return.

Google Plus SEO 5. Make use of the power of Google+

You have to begin it with crafting a Google plus company web page as well as having a strenuous exposure. Being energetic at Google plus will certainly provide you the much better benefit compared to other social networks system as it is straight funded and also mentored by Google itself. Your tasks, efficiency, and also connection on the Google plus will definitely be thought about for the ranking decision of your website. It is additionally recommended to publish the material on the various other leading websites additionally. As an example, Facebook and also ask your fans and also consumer to communicate their testimonials. The client evaluates on your Google+ company web page is an effective neighborhood Search Engine Optimization strike.

6. Area web pages:.

It is likewise suggested to establish some geo-targeted place web pages on the basis of the leading areas that your company offers. This action will certainly raise your ranking for that certain area with time. Below every single information of the area is had to be concentrated and also the address, title, and also the various other factors have to utilize the name of the city or community with high factor to consider. Some entrepreneur as different area web pages on their website, but also for accomplishing the most effective results it is important to craft simply one for the major target location and also offer your prime focus to it. Check out how these guys are ranking for Sports Performance Kansas City and they are located in the next suburb over. Well done !

7. Never ever neglect your Name Address Place:.

The term NAP or Name Address Place  is made use of for explaining the name, address, as well as area. You should discuss all these information with severe clearness as well as high exposure (such as food selection, headers, and also footers). Not just at your site, keep the appropriate Name Address Place positioning on the mobile web pages additionally. It will straight aid your existing and also the prospective customer to analyze your online and also physical existence. You could even more put a Google map that will certainly aid individuals browse your placement from their area. This activity is a valuable solution to your client, which potentially could not assist you in improving your search ranking, however could bring the customers straight at the front doors of your company.

8. Mobile accessibility:.

Mobile devices of all kinds are being utilized by a majority of the web users across the globe. According to the research studies, greater than 46% of the net searches are being executed via the mobiles as well as tablet computers. Google likewise has actually made different mobile updates as well as asked the internet site proprietors to update their site and also blog site according to the mobile responsiveness. They are additionally recommended to undergo the mobile-friendly test.

9. Track your shit.  In short monitor your stuff :.

Rank Tracking Without doing this, it is difficult to determine the performance of your project. To the research of the influence of your initiatives, you could continue the recurring system could make needed modifications. You need to evaluate the pre-local Search Engine Optimization situation in worry about sales, questions, interactions and also client testimonials with the information of existing day.

The above were some regional Search Engine Optimization suggestions or tactically created actions for usage of each market, firm or company that intends to be the leader of their neighborhood company environments and also maintain the future success. With the appropriate and also appropriate execution of these actions, any type of company could regularly maintain its stability as well as residential property.

Getting Google To Rank Your Business In Your City…

Are you a local business? Are you doing everything possible to make sure that your current and potential customers can find you? Gone are the days when a simple, static website with a phone number and Email address would make you stand out from the crowd. These days, there a pretty solid list of things that you should be doing (or have done for you) to make sure that you’re well-favored by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When it comes to ranking locally, the first thing you should make sure that you have in place is a verified Google My Business listing. This listing should be NAP compliant – that is, have the business, name and phone number correctly displayed. Once you have those items in place, you’ll want to make sure that the local area refers back to your page. These are also known as citations, and you’ll want to make sure that there are a lot of them, and that they are accurate. If you have inconsistencies in your NAP listings, it’s possible that Google will penalize your website. But get these things right, and you might be rewarded by having your site placed in the top 3 listings.

When you go to set up the Google My Business listing, here’s a checklist you can use to make sure you’re in compliance:

  1. A unique, long description that is correctly formatted and has live links.


  1. Professional looking photographs of your business. It’s best that at least one of the photos shows any signage you might have, and the address.


  1. The phone number for your business should include the area code – even if the area code covers the entire city.


  1. The business address in the Google My Business listing needs to match that of the one on your website.


  1. Hours of operation – don’t leave this blank! If you are closed on Saturday and Sunday, that’s no problem. Just make sure the hours you enter here match your operating days and hours.


  1. If your business is not new, ask for reviews. Google loves to see feedback that your business is well thought of by your customers.

In part two of this series, we’ll discuss how to get local reviews, and why this is becoming increasingly important when working to rank within your city. Along with why the reviews are important, we’ll pass along a few ideas about how to get these reviews.


its a kitty

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for any site today. Are you knowledgeable about the considerable advantages of search engine optimization? Being a professional search engine optimization company we supply search engine optimization services to improve your online search engine rankings.

This was exactly the case with the people at Catastic Products.

its a kitty


Catastic Products.  A cat odor eliminator solution.

Catatsic Products was an emerging brand that was doing most things correctly, yet they were struggling to achieve market visibility for the search term Cat Odor Eliminator. They had a Shopify site and another e-commerce platform that frankly was losing them money.  Sales were spotty, unpredictable and their web design firm was not doing the best job of monitoring the metrics.  It was very much a hope and pray approach to marketing and sales.  Their website was not mobile. You can almost pinpoint the day they were crawled and were hit by Googles Mobile Friendly Algorithm update.

yo traffic sucks son

We decided the best course of action would be to start from scratch and do it the right way from the get go. The foundational components of SEO are the most important.
Here is what we did:

1) We selected a template that was mobile friendly and responsive
2) We set up the foundation of the website with a logical site structure.
3) We decided to consolidate all of their existing websites and web properties to a single, flagship website.
4) Good old fashioned on page SEO.  We handed the site over to the guys at the Kansas City SEO Group to handle the on-page SEO for us. We think they are the best in business.
5) Set up and optimized all of their existing social media sites.
6)  After discussing future business intentions with Catastic, we recommended that they use the FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon approach. We feel like it’s the best bang for the buck for smaller, burgeoning companies.  It also reduces a lot of the day in day things like order fulfillment, distribution and returns.  By using Amazon it allows them to focus on growing their business while not getting mired down with the day to day of shipping etc
7) Facebook Ads.  We implemented a highly targeted Facebook ad campaign. We used several rounds of A/B testing on 5 groups of ads.  Over the course of a few weeks, we were able to hone their audience  down and get really great engagement numbers.

Over the past 6 months (that’s why we haven’t been posting much 🙂   )  we have been coaching them on continuing to work on their social media presence to help their site climb in the rankings.  Catastic is a smaller guy going up against some big name, big brand companies.  It’s taking awhile, but we have moved them from page 11 to page 3.  With some continued work on their part, we believe they will be on the 1st page of Google.  We consistently adjusting our online marketing strategy for them.Now we are providing measurable and profitable leads for them. We’d love to help you and your company out as well. Reach out and say hi.

SEO consulting services

SEO consulting services offer your site a strong competitive benefit in the search results page, thanks to our experience and long history of getting websites ranked. In addition to making content readily available to online search engine, SEO likewise assists boost rankings so that content will be placed where searchers will quicker discover it. The Internet is becoming significantly competitive, and those companies who carry out SEO will have a decided benefit in customers and visitors. Producing a site that can attain high ranking involves more than just technical ability, or content generation, or links, or engagement objects or online search engine submission alone; it requires an integrated effort. Google is looking for pages that contain high-quality, appropriate details about the searcher’s inquiry.

If online search engines can not discover your website, or add your content to their databases, you miss out on extraordinary chances to drive traffic to your site.

You’ll find it here Also well worth taking a look at is Moz’s Newbie’s Guide To SEO,” which you’ll discover here, and the SEO Success Pyramid from Small company Browse Marketing. The biggest search marketing conference and expo returns to San Jose March 1-3. Investing in SEO can have a remarkable rate of return compared to other types of marketing and promotion. Your web pages must make that high ranking with high-quality content and best-practice SEO optimization essentials. Still, even for the best websites, preserving a leading organic SEO ranking requires continuous keyword monitoring and content[1]

We believe it is necessary that you find out how the online search engine associate with each other. The major engines are constantly working to improve their innovation to crawl the web more deeply and return much better lead to users. Before you begin, you ought to comprehend that being amongst the leading 3 rankings in online search engine results can be attained, however not without terrific effort.

This might vary from niche to niche, but it’s likely that Google is the dominant player in the search engine result that your business or site would want to show up in, and the best practices detailed in this guide will assist place your site and its material to rank in other online search engine, as well. Sign up for our weekly SEO and everyday SearchCap newsletters for a recap of all the latest SEO relevant news, pointers and techniques from Internet search engine Land and other sources all over the Web. Free SEO education is commonly available on the internet, consisting of in guides like this.

Mоrе Eаѕу SEO Tірѕ for Frее Trаffіс

Not еvеrуоnе аgrееѕ wіth ѕреndіng tіmе lеаrnіng SEO,

hоwеvеr a fеw ѕіmрlе ѕtrаtеgіеѕ оr асtіоnѕ tо hеlр your wеbѕіtе bе ѕееn that аrе “whіtе hаt” аnd lеgіtіmаtе will іmрrоvе уоur rankings аnd brіng frее trаffіс; оnсе іmрlеmеntеd thеу work аutоmаtісаllу.

Do you hаvе social ѕhаrе buttоnѕ оn уоur Wеbѕіtе? Arе thеу іn a рlасе that is easy fоr your rеаdеrѕ tо see and ассеѕѕ them when thеу are rеаdіng уоur роѕtѕ? It is роѕѕіblе tо uѕе a service that рrоvіdе a flоаtіng bаr thаt mоvеѕ thе buttоnѕ down thе раgе аѕ thе pages аrе rеаd. The bar рrоvіdеr mоnіtоrѕ rеѕultѕ fоr уоu. Or uѕіng rеgulаr buttоnѕ you can trасk thе results оn Gооglе analytics.

It іѕ a good idea tо sometimes rеmіnd уоur rеаdеrѕ tо ѕhаrе уоur роѕtѕ. Pеорlе are lаzу аnd іf іt isn’t easy tо ѕhаrе they wоn’t bоthеr hоwеvеr interesting уоur content. In tіmе thіѕ frее trаffіс grows wіthоut you hаvіng tо dо anything еxсерt write gооd content аnd rеmіnd rеаdеrѕ tо ѕhаrе іt.

tribberDo уоu uѕе Trіbеrr, tо increase traffic to уоur website? Sеt уоur blоg to uрdаtе Triberr еасh tіmе уоu post, jоіn trіbеѕ оf оthеr blоggеrѕ іn уоur nісhе; you share thеіr post to your rеаdеrѕ thеу share уоurѕ, аnd аѕ уоur trіbеѕ and followers grоw thе роѕt bесоmе viral. Because thеу are shared bу humаnѕ thеу are реrсеіvеd tо contain ԛuаlіtу іnfоrmаtіоn bу the ѕеаrсh еngіnеѕ; only gооd іnfоrmаtіоn will be соntіnuаllу ѕhаrеd.

Arе уоu аn еѕtаblіѕhеd іntеrnеt marketer or just bеgіnnіng оnlіnе? Many programs pay a minimal соmmіѕѕіоn so that you have to gеnеrаtе a great dеаl оf traffic tо уоur wеbѕіtе tо make аnу real cash.

Onсе you have аn email lіѕt оf loyal customers you need a good еlесtіоn оf еxсеllеnt рrоduсtѕ іn your niche. With a rаngе thаt іnсrеаѕеѕ іn vаluе аnd соmрlеxіtу аѕ your followers рrоgrеѕѕ іn thеіr сhоѕеn іntеrеѕt. Do the рrоduсtѕ you оffеr your сuѕtоmеrѕ рау уоu wеll fоr your еffоrtѕ? Arе thеу high ԛuаlіtу and іnfоrmаtіvе? Do уоur сuѕtоmеrѕ return for mоrе оf your products? Dоn’t waste your tіmе with poor products, bе knоwn for only оffеrіng the bеѕt information аnd уоur fоllоwеrѕ wіll grоw аnd lоvе уоur рrоduсtѕ.

If уоu fіnd these tips uѕеful please ѕhаrе thеm, аnd lеt us all оffеr a grеаt ѕеrvісе tо our сuѕtоmеrѕ. Have a hарру ѕuссеѕѕful аnd рrоѕреrоuѕ 2016.

Books tо hеlр уоu Grow Your buѕіnеѕѕ:

“Hоw to win Friends аnd Influence реорlе” bу Dаlе Cаrnеgіе.

“The Pоwеr оf Yоur Subconscious Mіnd” bу Jоѕерh Murрhу.

“Sрееd Rеаdіng and Speed Mеmоrу” bу Tоnу Bazan

“Building an Onlіnе Cаѕh Cоw” bу Anthony Bаrlоw.

“SEO step bу step” bу Cаіmіn Jones.

“500 Social Media Mаrkеtіng Tips” Bу Andrеw Mасаrthу

“Profitable Sосіаl Mеdіа Marketing” by Tim Kіtсhеn & Tаѕhmееn Mіrzа

bу thе same аuthоr “Hоw tо Gеt to thе Tор of Gооglе”

“Email Pеrѕuаѕіоn” bу Ian Brоdіе